God in our lives

God in Our Lives

When there are natural disasters that disrupt the lives of many hundreds of people, those who have no faith cry, “How God could let something like this happen?” However, those who have faith may answer, […]

Devotional service

The Saint From Azerbaijan

Once a Bhagavad Gita was distributed to an elderly lady who would eventually become known as Pada Sevanam. Such was the impression Gita made she embraced it heart and soul and immediately set out to […]


The Greatest Friend of Everyone

Birbal, the favourite minister of Emperor Akbar, was an uncommon man of sound common sense. There were many scintillating conversations the two had together; time seemed to fly when Akbar was in his company. One day […]

Chanting of the holy names

Long Lost

Director: Shaktyavesha Avatar dasa (Alexey Tonkikh). Director of sound: Andrei Sadokhov. The roles were voiced by: Elvira Kazantseva, Elena Mozgalyova, Alexei Artemov, Evgeny Kazantsev. “Lost Out of the Way” – The film about Krishna Consciousness […]