The Real Meaning of Peace

One may wonder, why did Krishna choose a battlefield to speak the Bhagavad-gita? Out of so many ways and different environments that He could speak in, why a battlefield? One explanation we could consider is […]


Duplicate Actions

A son and his father were walking on a mountain. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Curious, he yells: […]

Srila Prabhupada
Devotee care

Devotee Care: Even when he was ill

One evening, Ramesvara prabhu called us all into the temple room for an emergency istagosthi and told us that Srila Prabhupada was in Hawaii but he was very, very ill and he was coming to […]

Cow protection

The Magic of Cow Protection

One morning we were walking over to milk the cows and this big black and white cow, Kalindi, a Friesian, was blocking our entrance. We had tried unsuccessfully to make her pregnant. She had visited […]