Boat Pastime at Manasi Ganga


During the time of Krishna, Manasi Ganga was very big in size. Once Srimati Radharani and Her friends came to the bank of Manasi Ganga to cross by boat. They were carrying pots of yoghurt and other milk preparations to sell in Mathura. The boatman agreed to take them across the water and they settled on a price of some sweets and butter.

The boatman rowed the boat for some time and then stopped. Srimati Radharani and the gopis asked him why he had stopped. He told them that he was tired and hungry and could not go any further if they did not feed him, and so the gopis offered the boatman their milk products. He ate everything then told them that he would take a nap and they should massage his arms and legs. The gopis told him that if he did not keep rowing the boat they would throw him overboard, and so the boatman continued rowing.

After some time, however, he again stopped the boat, and the gopis again asked him why. He told them, “My boat is old and the water is coming in due to the weight it is carrying. You will have to throw some things overboard, otherwise we will sink!” So the gopis threw their yogurt pots overboard. But still there was too much weight, and the boatman said, “It is not enough. The water is still entering. You will have to surrender more to the waters of Manasi Ganga.” So the gopis threw their heavy jewelry overboard.

Then a storm came. The wind began to blow and the waves upset the boat. At the same time, the boatman also started rocking the boat. Radharani became frightened and put Her arms around the boatman. At that time She realized that the boatman was Krishna. Radharani then pulled Krishna’s flute from under His clothing and then all the gopis could understand that the boatman was Krishna Himself.

Readers Appreciation

Can’t tell you how much your articles are appreciated. Each week I learn something new and I am striving to live my life in Krishna Consciousness. This last story clearly tells us to be prepared always for Yamaraj’s visit, and not to waste our lives on the wrong things. There is no way out for any mortal, no escaping death, so best prepare as much as we can for our next, and hopefully, better birth. Once again, thank you so much for the weekly mails. They are truly wonderful.
Rosemary Kumar

Thank you sincerely for the possibility to learn Bhagavad-gita slokas. When it is difficult for me to chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, I repeat all the slokas I already know and then I can continue my chanting of the maha-mantra with new strength. Thank You also for weekly wisdom, too. I like so much the two stories “Responsibility for my own Progress” and “Material Attachment”.

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa Goswami