Devotional service

One More Time Around

There are devotees of the Lord who circumambulate Govardhana hill two, or even three times, a day. Busy with visiting other holy places in Vrajamandala our group of 350 devotees only managed to do parikrama […]

Devotional service

Why No Garlic or Onions

Krishna devotee chef, teacher, author, and TV star Kurma Dasa gets asked this question a lot. Here’s his well-considered reply. One of the most common questions asked to me is this: “Why don’t you eat […]

Devotional service

Wonderfull prasadam

In many places in his books Srila Prabhupada describes the wonders of prasadam, food prepared with devotion and offered to Krishna. Prabhupada discusses such merits of prasadam as how it effectively immunizes one against the […]