Chowpatty Devotee Care


Chowpatty Devotee Care

  2. 2. We should Facilitate devotees in every possible respect, so that they feel secured and thus evolve firmly in KC. Definition
  3. 3. A community is the shadow of its leaders, whatever they give emphasis to, becomes the model the devotees strive to achieve. FORMULA
  4. 4. Analogy “ Although the foundation of a building cannot be seen, it holds up the entire building. Without a strong foundation , in time, even the most glorious palace will crumble.”
  5. 5. Foundation Our community’s foundation is in our 1. Spiritual practices,
  6. 6. Foundation 2. Moral values
  7. 7. Foundation 3. Personal relationships.
  8. 8. Process Effective leader will make the devotees realize that they are 1. Loved, 2. Cared for and 3. Appreciated.
  9. 9. As Lord Chaitanya compared Krishna Consciousness to cultivating the seed of bhakti in the field of the heart . The devotee’s hearts will become sustainable to remain faithful and enthused throughout their lives.
  10. 10. We push devotees to get the fruit of some result but as time passes the tree of his or her enthusiasm dies. Srila Prabhupada would call that ‘penny wise and pound foolish.’ He stressed sustainable farming wherein we are very sensitive toward living in harmony with Krishna’s natural plan. Paradigm shift
  11. 11. Analogy Like modern corporate farming, it aims at immediate results with little concern for how it affects the environment in the future. Srila Prabhupada condemned it.
  12. 12. So, we should always give more priority for education and encouraging healthy relationships. Top priority
  13. 13. Srila Prabhupada is a perfect leader….
  14. 14. He could push his devotees to get big results but at the same time his love, compassion and care would nourish, sustain and bring the highest joy to our hearts
  15. 15. Devotees felt nourished and empowered by his love and care even from thousands of miles away and even if they only personally saw him every couple of years. Once when stressing the importance of caring for the devotees, he exclaimed, “I have shed buckets of blood for each and every devotee.
  16. 16. He profoundly cared for each devotee who came to his society and expected his leaders to do so on his behalf. He expressed his concern again and again for our sadhana, and service attitude but also our health, the quality of our Prasad, our children and he was especially concerned that we felt happy, protected and inspired in our devotional service.
  17. 17. What we should do now….
  18. 18. We leaders need to take serious responsibility, on Srila Prabhupada’s behalf, to be caretakers of his beloved children. Focus
  19. 19. OUR MISSION To care for the devotees spiritually, emotionally and physically, thus Srila Prabhupad and Krishna will be pleased and the projects will naturally flourish.”
  20. 20. The foundational priority of our leadership is to create a community wherein every possible need of a devotee was considered and tended Facilitate
  21. 21. We should strive to give each individual an experience of genuine protection and inspiration. The aim is to ensure, as far as possible, that devotees remain happy, enthusiastic and grateful to our mission through every phase of life
  22. 22. Action plan – 1 Carefully reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and applying the teachings in his Bhaktivedanta purports as the guiding principles of our lives.
  23. 23. Action plan – 2 Having strong sadhana by attending the morning program, chanting attentively and hearing Srimad Bhagvatam in the association of devotees.
  24. 24. Action plan – 3 Striving to develop a genuine concern for devotees thus spread real vaisnava culture by our example.
  25. 25. All of our policies and decisions should be built upon this foundation. Perhaps more than anything else we do, what will transform peoples hearts is to give them an experience of a caring community of sincere souls who are united through life’s joys and struggles by the philosophy and practice of pure bhakti.” Essence
  26. 26. From the principle of caring, the idea of establishing a ‘counselor system’ came, wherein the counselor would humbly serve as a friend, philosopher and guide, based upon the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. Counseling
  27. 27. When the counselor system was introduced, within the first two years it collapsed twice. The reason – devotees felt ‘Why give so much attention to this? We can get greater results by putting our energy into other priorities?
  28. 28. But, by the persistent efforts of Radhanath Swami, it was restarted and eventually it became the very fibre of Radha Gopinath temple. When the priority was fixed to ‘devotee care’, the imagination of devotees expanded and amazing projects unfurled. Determination Story of a determined sparrow
  29. 29. Radhanatha Swami envisioned that senior devotees extend themselves to assist their juniors in such a way that they feel a homely, family atmosphere in Srila Prabhupada’s dwelling place of ISKCON. Helping hand
  30. 30. Without proper assistance, it becomes difficult for a leader to help a growing number of devotees. All too often devotees feel, ‘Nobody really cares about me or my family’. Support
  31. 31. In an attempt to minimize this problem and keep the fire of devotion burning for the rest of their lives, this counselor system was introduced. Based on the simple principle of Rupa Goswami, “dadati pratingranati…” Gift
  32. 32. The system was gradually divided into four categories- Grihasta counseling, brahmacari counseling, youth counseling and counseling for the elderly.
  33. 33. Through the system devotees were trained in philosophy, etiquette, sadhana and the proper conduct for their particular ashram. Soon the joy of vaisnava seva became a living reality and we taxed our brains on how to better care for and engage every type of devotee. From this spirit emerged several projects. Success
  34. 34. What is crucial to develop healthy community is the committed spirit of caring for the devotees. If that spirit is pursued we believe whatever form you choose will transform and empower devotees hearts. Commitment
  35. 35. Our deep gratitude to HH Radhanath Swami and devotees of Chowpatti for this exceptional gift? Hare Krishna Sama veda bhakta vrinda ki Jaya, Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya ! Designed by devotees of ISKCON, Tirupati.

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