We don't tend to talk very much about money as a community. It can be off-putting for visitors, and we never want people to feel under pressure.

However, giving is an important part of discipleship, and we do believe in being a generous community, giving cheerfully to the needs around us. Simply put, giving is part of our community life together.

When we donate to the temple it means that we donate to the Lord. It means that these money will be spent to his worship and to spread his glory. Also it means that you care and for his devotees also because the Lord is always together with his devotees.

How do I give to Vilnius Hare Krishna religious community?

Standing Order
This is a simple option for those who want their giving to be regular and consistent. It also reduces our admin costs and helps with budgeting. Please complete this Standing Order mandate and send it to the community office.

Online by credit or debit card
You can make a one-off gift to Vilnius Hare Krishna religious community by credit or debit card by visiting our online donation page and selecting the 'Donate to this charity' option (you can donate without registering).

Cheques and cash
Gifts can be placed in the box at the back of each of our Sunday morning venues or posted to the church office. Cheques should be made payable to Vilnius Hare Krishna religious community.

What is 2 % of income tax?

If you are a Lithuania taxpayer, Vilniaus Hare Krishna religiuos community is able to reclaim up to 2% of your income tax. For us to be able to claim tax back, you need to complete a declaration online or print out, complete and return a paper form.

For what purpose can You donate money?

Your donations can be targeted - for the worship of the Deities, for the book distribution, for the costs of attending preachers and spiritual teachers, for the organization of festivals, etc. If you have any target request, please specify it on the order form and then your funds will be used according to your request.

You can donate for:

What happens to the money?

At Vilnius Hare Krishna religious community, good stewardship of people’s giving is a high priority. The Trustees regularly monitor the financial position of the community and the financial systems in place and operate to agreed annual budgets.

As a registered charity (number 192055843), we take seriously the need to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.