Hearing What you Want to Hear


A man and his friend were in a city, walking down a street. It was during the noon lunch hour and the streets were filled with people, cars were honking their horns, taxicabs were squealing around corners, sirens were wailing, and the sounds of the city were almost deafening. Suddenly, the man said to his friend, “I hear a cricket.”

His friend said, “What? You must be crazy, you couldn’t possibly hear a cricket in all of this noise!” “No, I’m sure of it,” the man said, “I heard a cricket.” “That’s crazy,” said the friend.

The man listened carefully for a moment, and then walked across the street to a big cement planter where some shrubs were growing, he looked into the bushes, beneath the branches, and sure enough he located a small cricket. His friend was utterly amazed, “That’s incredible,” said his friend, “You must have super-human ears!”

“No,” said the man, “My ears are no different from yours, it all depends on what you’re listening for.”

“But that can’t be!” said the friend, “I could never hear a cricket in this noise.”

“Yes, it’s true,” he replied, “It depends on what is really important to you, here, let me show you.”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a few coins, and discreetly dropped them on the sidewalk, and then with the noise of the crowded street still blaring in their ears, they noticed every head within twenty feet turn and look to see if the money that tinkled on the pavement was theirs.

“See what I mean?” asked the man. “It all depends on what’s important to you.”

When Christ was surrounded by a crowd of people all wanting something from Him, Christ said, “Who touched my garment?” A woman with an issue of blood for many years – whom doctors were unable to heal – had touched Christ’s garment hoping to be healed, which she was. But that Christ knew that the hem of His garment had been touched illustrates where His attention was continually focused, On God and what God was doing at the time.

May our hearts be quiet, so that we can focus on what’s important in life. Krishna is very far away, but He is also very near to those who are focused in transcendence.

Readers Appreciations

Every week I read Your Weekly Wisdoms. I find your stories truly enlightening and precious.
From Linda, Latvia

Thank you so much for the wisdom “Waking up from the dream”, it reminds us what is our real nature and what we have to do every day to achieve perfection.
From Radharani dasi, Lithuania

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa Goswami