We believe that every person must find his place in life where he would be able to reveal his abilities and talents. Therefore, we are for the fact that every visitor of the temple could express his initiative.

Perhaps someone will desire to do something, to clean, to organize, to paint, to stick, to buy, to donate, to build – whatever it would be, it is all about expressing his inclinations, abilities, talents. So, some years ago, we started the so-called “Groups Project”. Its purpose is to give each devotee the opportunity to find their place in the temple according to their characteristics. It means that if you have leadership abilities, then we invite you to use your abilities and organize something. Also, if you are more interested in simply attending a temple, then we invite you to join the activities of any temple group.

In fact, the main point is about the initiative. If you have the initiative to do something for Krishna and other devotees, then you naturally will speak to someone about the implementation of your initiative, you will look for helpers and this will mean, that some kind of project is going to be created.

Also, if you see any problem that you think you can solve, then you can solve that problem and this project is for you.


1. The activities of each group cannot conflict with the four basic principles of the vaishnavas.
2. Each group has the right to initiate and implement any project if its implementation is not in conflict with the 1st principle.
3. If the implementation of a project can have legal consequences for the community, then its implementation should be provisionally agreed with the Council of the Temple.
4. After the implementation of the project, the project will be discussed in the Council. Possible ratings:
(a) the project has been completed very well and, if it is a continuous project, then it can continue to be carried out;
(b) the project is good, but there are some comments that need to be rectified;
(c) the project is of very poor quality, many comments, complaints and it would be better to stop it.