Meeting of senior devotees

Vilnius ISKCON devotees

Dear devotees

Last year the Temple Council organized a meeting of the very first Vilnius Temple devotees. It was a very personal event, so we invited every devotee personally and we did not publish it publicly on the site before or after the event.

This year, there was a desire to organize a joint meeting dedicated to the “middle” generations.  We got suggestions to invite all devotees from various distant countries (some devotees went to live in other countries). Therefore, it is decided first to collect only initial contact information of these devotees for this year and also to invite them to participate in the meeting, which will be hold on the summer of 2018.

So the idea is to bring together all the devotees who joined and actively or not actively participated in the life of the temple during the period from 1980 to 2010.

It is planned to make a meeting one day before the next year (2018) summer festival in Dubingiai. Kṛṣhṇa Katha prabhu agreed to provide a river boats for a small price that would cover the basic costs of delivery and return of equipment.

Now, the question remains of whom to invite and who invites – we invite everyone, whether they remained or not as devotees,  leaved or not ISKCON and so on.

Please comment on this post and write whom would you like to invite. Also, if you have any contact details, please write in the comment those contact details. I will review comments after some time and will transfer contact information to non-public area.

Below, I will start a table of who is invited and who is inviting that person. Write your suggestions and I’ll put them in to the table. Also, write if you want to participate in case if you started to visit the temple during the period from 1990 to 2010.

P.S. The event will be “family friendly”, so we invite you together with your spouses and children. The attached photo is made somewhere at 1995-2000. Another idea was to make the event personal.  So if you agree to participate in it, then you will be asked to invite someone personally whom you know to participate in it also. At the same time, during the event, you will have to take care of those devotees – to receive them, provide all the necessary information, after the event to see off.

Your servant
Jatau d.

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