Outbound holidays team appeal

Dear Vaisnavas and all well wishers,

Again, we would like to thank everyone who contributes that our outbound programs would not stop and also to those who help with their time or financially. We can rejoice that this time we have received enormous help (probably almost everyone was involved in one  or another way) in the preparation of the event or to handle at the end. Thank you very much to all the supporters who, both during the Feast and in advance (which greatly help to cover the necessary expenses and budget planning) contributed to the Holiday. You are wonderful, thank you for being able to  serve, listen the lectures, respect Prasad and dance together. We hope that the feast left an impression. We always welcome your feedback (you can send your suggestions, tips and other ideas to evaldas.palskys@gmail.com or transfer personally).

We enclose the report of Gaura Purnima’s (March 4, 2018).

Lease of the hall together with protection – 200 Eur
Prasad – 631 Eur
Flowers – 178 Eur
Other expenses (audio equipment, film, dishes, cook travel expenses, etc.) – 210 Eur
Total: 1219,63 Eur

Orders – 330 Eur
In the donations box during the program and other donations – 905 Eur
Other donations – 419 Eur
Total: 1654 Eur

Thank you to everyone for the kind time spent together and at the same time we invite you again to the Lord’s Ramachandra’s Feast (Rama Navam), which will take place on March 25, 2018 (on Sunday), and we will clarify the exact place in the next newsletter.

Currently we are looking for sponsors who coukld help to cover planned holiday costs:
Room rent – 200-400 Eur (depending on what kind of hall you will be able to rent)
Prasad – 500 Eur
Flowers – 80 Eur
Transport and other expenses – 200 Eur

If you would like to contribute to the Holiday, we kindly ask you to transfer the support to one of our accounts (in the payment order please indicate that it is meant for Rama Navam’s celebration):

Vilniaus Krisnos samones religine bendruomene
Swedbank Bank LT177300010118511925
SEB bank LT107044060001303307

For anyone who could contribute to the event with your creativity, service, timing or ideas, please contact Evaldas (867764070).

As at this time, all the halls (Zemaites street dance studio, Legendų klubas and Franciscan palace) which are usually dropped by us (for a token fee) are reserved for the dates requested, we would like to ask you – maybe you have friends or acquaintances who have the right space (suitable are dance studios or just more than 150 square meters space) for the Holiday in Vilnius? The advantage is if the hall accommodates 120-200 people, is light (as much as possible), has changing rooms and toilets. We can rent a room up to 300 euros (if somebody could support to rent more expensive rooms, it would be much easier to find where to locate these special holidays); We are looking for the halls on March 25, 2018 (Rama Navami) and / or April 29, 2018 (Nrisimha Chaturdasi) dates. Please send people contacts or ad links to Evaldas by e-mail evaldas.palskys@gmail.com;
Thank you!

We also provide links where you can view photos, as well as some of the footage from Celebrations:

Gaura Purnima 2018


Petal abhisheka


The appearance of Lord Nityananda in 2018



Honestly, the outbound holidays team.

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