The Presidency’s response to the 100th anniversary of the State’s wishes


Dear Dainius Vaiciunas,

Dalia Grybauskaite was intoduced with Your address addressed to the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

Thank you for your statement and greetings on the occasion 100 years of the restoration of the state of Lithuania.

The Head of State, congratulating all on the occasion of the State Reconstruction on the occasion of the one hundred year, said that the special experience of the year 1918, when we recovered statehood, is the best evidence we can achieve by focusing on the survival and future of our homeland. February 16 th tells us a special story about the decisive people who returned the state of Lithuania to the world map as a modern, democratic and respectable country. We are part of that history and continue to build Lithuania in the twenty-first century, in order to make our Homeland safe and prosperous. We are all Lithuanian children, congratulating her on an extraordinary jubilee birthday and donating the warmth of our hearts. According to the President of the Republic, we were lucky enough to become the witnesses of this historic anniversary. Let save in our memory of the extraordinary experiance this of our state day.

Thank you once again for your greetings.


Head of Division /// Asta Bogušienė

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