7 days a week, 4 am – 9 pm


Temple Room Etiquette

We kindly ask you to remove your shoes before entering the temple room. You can leave your shoes on the shelves and coats on the hooks provided outside the temple room. Please keep all your belongings and valuables with you at all times.

It is customary that men and women sit separately whilst in the temple room.

You will see people coming into the temple and bowing down to the Deities, Srila Prabhupada and devotees. This is known as paying obeisances and is a display of respect.

There are no chairs, however, do feel free to take a cushion. Chairs can be provided if needed due to health reasons.

Temple arati are sung in the ancient language of Sanskrit or Bengali. All talks and sessions are in English. Translations of all arati songs and all books discussed are available in the shop on the second floor.